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CLF Distribution & Partners Ltd, 100% employee owned

CLF Distribution Ltd is now owned by its employees in the form of an Employee-Owned Trust (EOT), a business run by its people for its people.

CLF is a family-run company whose former owner, Robin Holiday, has always strived to build a company where employees enjoy going to work. The recently introduced motto of “In it together” can now be taken quite literally, the people behind CLF are not only its owners, they are also the present and the future of the company. The fundamental ethos of an EOT being putting a company’s people first and allowing them to share in the profits they generate, under the scheme employees can earn up to £3,600 per annum tax free.

EOTs range across a wide range of businesses, well known examples are KPMG and the John Lewis Partnership, CLF Distribution & Partners Ltd have joined the list. As an EOT, it is hoped that CLF’s future will flourish from increased employee engagement, innovation, high rates of productivity and improved attendance.

As the past two years have proved, survival and success are born from working together, trusting in each other. CLF congratulates its employees who are all excited by their new status and will fully embrace the company’s future as an EOT.

“I am looking forward to watching CLF flourish under employee ownership and I am confident this change will help the company reach its full potential. I am proud of the team and the service we have provided over the last 23 years; I am looking forward to this new chapter as the companies Managing Director”
- Robin Holiday



“I wanted to drop you a line to congratulate you all on your exciting news about you all now owning CLF.

Robin, you should be extremely proud of your legacy.
I know that it has not been an easy journey, but perseverance, hard work and focus have seen you through.
You have an excellent team and it is always a nice experience working with you all.

I am grateful on behalf of my small company to be able to work with you as a wholesaler.
The insight you had in working and focusing on technology with your partnership in Emporio has been fortuitous.

Best of luck everyone. We will support you all the way.”

Justina Pettifer

at The Healthy Life, Ltd

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